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Trade Shows can be a fantastically time efficient way to learn what’s new in your industry.  I’ve certainly done many a brain-cram to come up to speed in a hurry by attending the right Trade Show.  There are things you’ll see and hear that are tough to come by without a live event.  If nothing else, you have the opportunity to ask your own questions.

Unfortunately, this year there aren’t many trade shows happening due to the pandemic.

I was talking with Nick Kennedy, CEO of Flex Machine Tools, and he had a fabulous idea:

Why not do online virtual trade show sessions year around?

Virtual live sessions give many of the benefits without the expense of travel for either the exhibitors or the attendees.  Nick’s firm has been pioneering these sorts of sessions for a few months now and they’re going great.  I promptly suggested that CNCCookbook get involved and we shook on it.

We’ve scheduled our first joint event which will include a demo of Flex’s Tapping Arms and a discussion of Blind Hole Tapping.  If you’d like to sign up for this online event, it’s easy:

[ Sign Me Up for the Blind Hole Tapping Live Stream! ]

Here’s our “Teaser” video to give you an idea what these LiveStreams are all about:

We’ll be doing a whole series of these events together, so I’ve made some changes to the CNCCookbook Blog to make them easy to find.  First, there’s a new LiveStreams Home Page so you can always see what LiveStreams are coming up, and access recordings of prior LiveStreams.

BTW, there’s a home page for each of our blog categories.  Check the side bar to the right to see what all categories exist.

I’m very excited about this new CNCCookbook feature and partnership with Flex Machine Tools.  Much more to come!


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