Hoss is a professional machinist by day, and one of the all time great “hobby” machinists in his spare time. I use that word “hobby” only in the sense that Hoss obviously loves to do it, and not because he isn’t a full-on pro 24 x 7. Every now and then I check in on what Hoss has been up to and I am always surprised by the number of ambitious projects he has undertaken and gotten done. Getting them done is the most amazing of all. I have a shop full of projects waiting to get done and I frankly don’t understand how he manages to do all of it.

Hoss can be found in a number of places including CNCZone (search for his many excellent posts), his YouTube channel, his own Hossmachine web site, and the sub-sites of the Hoss Machine Web Empire, such as his G0704 site.

He’s built all manner of things including a couple of tool changers, a fourth axis, and a whole lot more. When Hoss gets done with one of these little mills, it’s a miniature VMC in every sense. His latest project that’s caught my eye is this 5-axis modification of a Grizzly G0704 mini-mill. It’s going to be fun seeing what comes of this one.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7nSxvDxMy0]

Hoss’s 5-Axis G0704…

That’s one of the earliest videos. There are a few more up on YouTube, but this project still looks a bit early. I expect the best is yet to come!


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