I just uploaded v3.99 and turned on the in-app update alert.

It has a number of juicy new features including:

CADCAM Wizards now have Entry Recipe

A number of folks were asking for CADCAM Wizards to give them the entry recipe for pockets and such, so now it does.  By default, it selects a helical entry, but you can change that too:

Once the CADCAM Wizard recalculates, there are 2 new columns in the results grid:

It records the entry type and the feedrate.  Use the same spindle rpm for the entry.  While some software, like Fusion360, allows you to specify an alternate rpm for the entry, there’s no real good reason to do so.

Tool Crib “Units” Field

The Tool Crib csv (Excel comma separated file) Import files now support a “units” field that tells what units each row is in.  The value can be either “inches” or “mm”.  Originally all units were inches, but now you have the flexibility to use either system on a tool by tool basis.

Deflection Percentage

There’s a new percentage indicator adjacent to the deflection value so you know how close you are to the limit.

New Artwork for Tool Types

Originally, G-Wizard just used a generic image of an end mill for all tool types, but we’ve gradually been filling out artwork for every tool.  In this really, we added a bunch more to cover spot drills, reamers, spade drills, boring heads, taps, and thread mills.

There are still a few more yet to do, but we’ll have them all covered soon!  It’s so much nicer to see the visual confirmation you’ve selected the tool you wanted, not to mention it helps beginners who may not know exactly the right name for each tool.


There’ll be more new feature goodness for G-Wizard Calculator before you know it.  But first, my next stop will be a new G-Wizard Editor release.  I expect to start on it in the next couple of days.


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G-Wizard Calculator v3.99: Latest Juicy Features
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