G-Code Examples

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So you’d like to play with G-Code but don’t have any sample g-code files?

For starters, be sure to check out our Free G-Code Tutorial.  It’s full of examples on a case-by-case basis.

Want completed programs?

No worries, here’s a bunch of examples:

G-Code Examples for Milling Machines

boomerangv4.ncc: 3D profiling job on a boomerang.

Griffin Relief.ncc: 3D profiling job for a gryphon logo.

HomeSwitchRearPanelEngrave: A control panel for my CNC electronics.

SupportLogo.ncc: CNCCookbook logo for my tooling rack.

Warm Up Program: Runs your spindle and axes to warmup the CNC machine.

G-Code Examples for Each G-Code and M-Code

Our handy g-code reference lists have links to specific g-code examples for each g-code and m-code.

Create your own G-Code Examples with Conversational Programming

conversational programming cnc software

With Conversational Programming, it’s easy to create your own g-code examples…

Conversational Programming is a way to create simple g-code programs with CADCAM software.  You simply answer questions in a simple Wizard format and it will generate the g-code for the operation.  Our G-Wizard Editor Software has a free built-in Conversational Programming Module you can use to generate all sorts of g-code examples.

More G-Code Resources



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G-Code Examples
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