I promised 1 new Conversational CNC Wizard a week and I’m slightly ahead of schedule with the OD Turning Wizard.  I’ve just uploaded GWE v1.90 (click the link to get your copy), which has the new OD Turning Wizard.  Conversational CNC is a quick way to do simple jobs without resorting to creating a CAD drawing or running a CAM program.  For all those times when you would turn to a manual machine instead of a CNC because the overhead of the CADCAM cycle was going to mean you could do it faster manually, this is a better way.  Now you can stick with the CNC and do the job even faster than the manual, even for one off parts.  The key is simplicity.  Lathes are particularly well suited to Conversational CNC, because many round parts are fairly simple.  Last week we introduced the Facing Wizard, and this week’s entrant is OD Turning, the next logical component in the series.

Here’s what it looks like:


The OD Turn Conversational CNC Wizard…

The OD Turning Wizard is designed so you can enter multiple (up to 8) diameters to be cut in one operation.  The Wizard will face the area to the right of the diameter and apply a corner treatment that can be a chamfer, radius, or none.  The corner treatment is done as part of the finish pass, so the radius is limited.  There is a “Break Edges” button that lets you specify with one click that all the edges are to get a radius according to the value there (default is 0.010″).  The ability to specify multiple diameters and corner treatments should save a lot of time setting up for simple parts.

Here is a backplot of a finished set of 3 diameters with a couple of corner treatments enabled:


Backplot of Conversational CNC OD Turn G-Code…

There’s a chamfer to the far right, a radius in the middle corner, and there’s actually a small Break Edges radius on the left corner that isn’t really visible because it’s too small.  As you can see, Conversational CNC can let you grind out quite a lot of g-code (this program was 283 lines of g-code) to do surprisingly sophisticated things without having to use CAD or CAM.  It’s perfect for those quick and dirty projects that seem to come up more often than you’d think.

Here is a tutorial video (part of our G-Wizard University series) on how to use the OD Turning Wizard:

[youtube width=”800″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJhcoS5YTxQ[/youtube]

If you haven’t tried G-Wizard Editor and its Conversational CNC Wizards, check it out.  There’s a free 30-day trial available.


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