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Autumn CNC Software Sale


Sale ends Friday, October 20, don’t miss it!

Yup, we’re having an Autumn Sale for a limited time.  Here’s the straight scoop:

You get 15% off on all our CNC Software.  Just visit our Products page to see what all we have to offer.  You’ll see the discount taken in the Shopping Cart, so click-through to see what your savings will be.  If you want the really special deals, visit our Cheapskate Page.  There you’ll find multi-product bundles and volume discounts.

If you want to look quickly, go to our product pricing pages, click-through to the shopping cart, and check your discount.

Here are just some of the deals to be found in this sale:

–  Get a 3 year subscription to GW Calculator for $109.99 instead of the regular $129.

–  Get a lifetime subscription to GW Calculator for just $211.65 instead of our regular $249.

–  Get a 3 year subscription to GW Editor for $169.99 instead of $199.

–  Get a lifetime GW Editor for $254.99 instead of $299.

Want both?  Try these deals:

–  Get 3 years of GWC and GWE for $254.99 instead of $299.

–  Get lifetime GWC and GWE for $373.99 and save over $65.

There’s lots more on sale including MeshCAM and Gearotic, but the sale is ending soon–we’ll close it a week from this Friday on October 20.

And be sure to do your CNC friends a favor–pass along the news that we’re having a sale.  They’ll appreciate hearing about it.  Don’t make ’em wait until they’re looking at the software you just bought and have to tell them they can no longer get the sale price.  It’s easy, click the Facebook buttons, Share the story on Facebook, send an Email, post on your favorite CNC Community, or just mention it the next time you see them.

Buy More than One G-Wizard Product and Save with Bundles

For information on how to take advantage of these deals, check out the Bundle Ordering Page.


Get G-Wizard With Art Fenerty’s Gearotic Gear Design Software

Save when you buy both on our Gearotic page.


MeshCam Bundles are Back!

MeshCam, the easiest to use CAM package I ever tried, is available together with the G-Wizard products on our MeshCam page.


Volume Pricing

GW Calculator Volume pricing

GW Editor Volume Pricing


Educators, CNCCookbook has an Educational Discount!

We have nearly 400 schools using our G-Wizard Software, and we offer a 20% educational discount to students and teachers on all our products.  Just place your order using your school email and send us an email ( requesting your discount.  We’ll refund the 20%.

Our schools range from High Schools to Community Colleges to the best Universities in the land including Stanford, MIT, and Harvard.  Here at CNCCookbook, we’re big believers in Manufacturing-related careers and it all starts with being able to learn the skills you need.  We’re also big believers in teaching kids to make things–real physical fun things, like the miniature pool table our friends at Northwest Iowa Community College have created.

If you order using your “.edu” email, drop me a note and I’ll refund 20% of your purchase price.  If you want licenses for a school machine shop lab, drop me a note and I’ll tell you about our lab program.  Note that the Educational Discount cannot be applied with another promotion, but we will give you the lower of the other promotion or the Educational Discount.  If you’ve got a Maker Space, Robotics Team, or other educational program that may not have an “edu” email, please get in touch–we may still be able to support your program.

Coupon Codes, Sales, and Smokin' Deals

All of CNCCookbook’s special deals in one place!

Ssshhhh, don’t tell my wife.  She will seriously kill me if she hears I’m giving it away that cheap!

I’d rather think about donut holes than getting punched in the mouth, wouldn’t you?


What’s better than donut holes?  Oops, hang on, full stop, my mistake.  There’s nothing better than donut holes–we can’t compete with them and I’m sorry I ever brought them up.

What I’m not sorry about is being a cheapskate–nothing wrong with that.  Everyone deserves a bargain, and that’s what this page is all about.  You can come here any time and find every single special deal we’re doing.  All in one place, so you don’t have to hunt around.

Why a Cheapskate Page?

Are you a cheapskate like me?  It’s no problem.  Our money doesn’t go as far as it used to and we need all the help we can get.  This page is here to here to help us do our part to help you.  On it, I will always list whatever special offers and deals we have going on for CNCCookbook’s products at the time.

There is just one catch:  I’ll always do the initial announcement of a deal on our blog, so the best way to take advantage is to subscribe to the blog.  Some offers are limited to the first N customers, so if you want to know right away when there is a deal, you’ll need to subscribe to our Blog Email Newsletter.  Just use the sign-up there on the left.


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