Help us find the best Black Friday deals for CNC’ers!

Yes, we found some great deals I will pass along below.  But first, we need a little help from all you fellow CNC’ers out there.  I want to put together a giant list of savings for CNC-related items for this Black Friday Week.   I’m going to list some things I found below.  If you find some great savings, sing out in the comments.  We want to know:

  • What it is
  • Why we should care
  • What it normally costs
  • What the sale price and savings are
  • Where to get it

Be sure to include all that info as I will be moderating the comments carefully to stay on topic.  If we do this right, our huge audience can collaborate to zero in on all the good stuff.  So let’s do this, okay?

I’ll start:

Black Friday CNC Deals

Measuring gear for CNC’ers, because I’m a total Metrology Freak.  Listen, I don’t always buy the “Good Stuff” because I can’t afford it.  But when it’s on sale and when it is something I use constantly, get the Good Stuff!

For example, I’ve got a set of generic vernier micrometers in all sizes that I didn’t pay much for.  They work fine and I’ve got a wide range of sizes.  But, I bought nice Mitutoyo digital mics in a the sizes I use most.  Same with my favorite digital calipers–I use these things constantly, so why not have the best.

I looked for deals on my favorite “Good Stuff” brands–Mitutoyo, Starrett, and Interapid.  I was looking for savings of 20% or more.  Those are some of the best quality brands around for CNC gear, and here’s the deals I found:

Mitutoyo 500-197-30 AOS Absolute Caliper with Large and clear LCD screen., Measuring Range: 0 to 8″/0 to 200mm, Resolution: 0.0005″/0.01mm, Accuracy:+/- .0010″


These are great all-purpose 8″ digital calipers.  Mitutoyo makes even nicer ones, but I have one like these that I use constantly in the shop.  In fact, I will probably buy another this season just because with 2 kicking around, there’ll be one closer to hand at all times.


Mitutoyo 293-185, 0 – 1″ X .00005″/0.001mm IP65 QuantuMike Outside Micrometer, No Output, Ratchet Thimble


Accurate micrometers are essential to a lot of machine work–you can trust calipers to be better than about 0.001″ regardless of what the display may say.  I prefer the ratchet style action too.  This 0-1″ model is a real beauty in black. Mine are the Old School green–been around forever but still work great!


Starrett 660 Base Indicator Holder With Triple-Jointed Arm


This style of indicator holder is always the one I grab first.  Noga is a more familiar brand for many, but Starrett is still a great brand and these are available from Amazon for a bigger savings than Noga.


Mitutoyo 570-134 Electronic Height Gage

This is a great price on a very premium tool.  A surface plate and a decent height gage are super-helpful to any CNC’er.  If you don’t have them, now’s a good time to look into it.  You can find less expensive height gages, but not many as nice at this price.



Shameless Plug:  CNCCookbook Black Friday Software Sale!

Check out our Black Friday Sale too!

Hey, don’t overlook your Digital Tooling–it can be some of the most important tooling any CNC’er owns.  I just had to do a shameless plug since we’re running our own Black Friday sale through Cyber Monday.  We’re offering big savings on everything we sell:  G-Wizard Calculator, G-Wizard Editor, MeshCAM, Gearotic, you name it.

Over the Transom Deals

I got notes from Carbide3D and StepCraft about their Black Friday deals.  They’re offering entry-level CNC Machines for hobbyists.  Great way to get started with CNC if you don’t want to spend what a machine like a Tormach costs.  These little machines are capable of some amazing work at pretty low costs.

Check deals here:




Your Turn: What CNC Black Friday Deals Are You Looking At?

Like I said at the top, this is a team effort.  Write into the comments below the Black Friday Deals you’re looking at.  Make it easy for everyone by including:

  • What it is
  • Why we should care
  • What it normally costs
  • What the sale price and savings are
  • Where to get it

Tell us what you’re finding, and tell your CNC friends to check in here too!



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