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Off Road Go Kart / Mini-Sand Rail

This page describes my quest to find a father-son project that will give my 12 year some passion about learning to use tools and build things. It's just at the idea-gathering stage so far.

Wouldn't something like this be mighty fine?

Sand Storm 250CC


Barstool Racer?!??

Offroader: Cool!

Cute lil booger ain't it?

Catchin' some air!


Badland Buggies: Knock-down chassis and lots of other parts.

Berrien Buggy Frames and Bodies: Mostly full size sand rail items.

BMI Karts: Parts, lots of CNC'd stuff.

Desert Karts: A little more extreme sand rails, not quite full sized.

Girard Precision: Frames.

Gokart Galaxy: Parts.

Gokart Supply Corp.: Parts.

JMH Karts: Bullfrog is a nice looking kart. Free plans, parts, etc.

MXK Racing: Kart parts.

Northern Tool: Parts. Great prices!

Pro Sandbox: Based on "Ninja" motorcyle engines. Just a set of plans.

RNR Fabrication: Parts for building karts.

Sand Bullet: Really slick sand rails.

Small Engine Warehouse: Just what it sounds like.

Yahoo Group Custom Karting

Yahoo Group Go Karts and Mini-Choppers

Yahoo Group Handbuilt Karts and ATVs

Yahoo Group Offroad Go Karts

Yahoo Group Yerfdog x150 (electric go kart) (download plans, lots of ideas and concepts) (nice off-road buggy build up) (parts dealer) (hub w/ lots o’ links) (big forum),2046,DIY_14348_26864,00.html (TV episode on building a kart) (3-phase light bulb’s buggy)


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