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Brass Gib Locks for the Mill

As I was fooling around with my mill, before I even took a cut, I managed to snap off one of the plastic levers from an x-axis gib lock:

Gib lock handle snapped right off!

This turns out to be easy to do as the lever is long enough to snag on the saddle, and if you aren't watching and keep cranking, it snaps right off. What to do? Well, I've always admired the nifty knobs and handles machinists make, so why not make an even better knob that can't snag. A little bit of turning work on the lathe, and some cuts with a 1/2" end mill to create "knurling" and the result is pretty handsome:

Radiator cap for a Bugatti Veyron? Nah, just my bills big brass handle for the gib lock...

They look pretty good on there, don't they?

These knobs aren't going to catch and they look great...

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