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Machine Lathe Home

The heart of any machine shop is the lathe, and this is also the first tool to learn on. This page discusses some of the basics for manual lathes (or someday perhaps lathes!).

Lathe Setup and First Chips: Wherein we clean up the poor thing and take trial cut.

5C Collet Chuck

Lathe Workholding:

- Wondering which is the best workholding for a particular project? There's a convenient chart for choosing.

- Wondering about 5C Collet Chucks and Collet Systems? There's a section on them.

- Ever heard of "Constant Face Turning?" It's a neat substitute for between centers that eliminates the need for lathe dogs.

- Do you know the fastest way to center work in a 4-jaw chuck?

If you read nothing else from this page, start here!

Notes on Lathe Operations: Below are my notes and tips on lathe operations compiled from my extensive reading and research, boiled them down into a form usable by me, and listing them by operation on separate web pages.

- Holding the workpiece: Which chuck? Turn between centers? Wondering about Collet Chucks? Deciding the best way to hold your work in the lathe.

- Surface Finish & Cutting Tools: Notes on achieving good surface finish with various cutting tools.

- Facing

- Turning

- Drilling, Boring, and Reaming

- Parting and Cutoff: Plus a mini-review of the Aloris Carbide Insert No. 71 Parting and Cutoff Tool.

- Threading

- Knurling

- Lathe Tune Up: Notes on how to adjust and get your lathe running at its best.

Modifications I've Made to My Lathemaster 9x30

Lathe CNC Conversion: A work in progress.

A Tailstock Camlock for the Lathemaster 9x30 Lathe: Completed 3/16/08

"Instant" QCTP Indicator Holder: Completed 4/29/07

Variable Speed DC Motor: Completed 12/1/05...

Buck 6-Jaw Chuck Adapter: Completed 11/24/05...

Tailstock Die Holder: Completed 11/21/05..

Phase II Quick Change Toolpost: Completed 10/02/05...

Modification Catalog: My cross referenced list of modification articles that may be found on the Internet.

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