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G-Wizard Calculator Change Log

A log of what changed with each new version from newest to oldest. Remember, G-Wizard tells you when you need to upgrade with a message in the top right corner of the screen.

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7/9/17: Release 3.91

- Added new simplified machine setup. Use the Simple tab unless you need max performance and then fill in the Advanced tab. Setup is much faster--60 seconds or so.


6/14/17: Release 3.90 (Mandatory release)

- Added material AL6XN, a type of stainless steel.

- Fixed a bug that made it hard to access lathe tooling when creating new tools in Tool Crib.

- Fixed a problem on really tight screens or when resizing the window small where the IPR and Plunge feedrates could be cut off or hidden.

- Added unit indicator for feedrates on Machine Profile.

5/2/17: Release 3.89

Release 3.89 adds a Polar to Rectangular Coordinate Calculator to the Geometry applets in G-WIzard.


3/16/17: Release 3.87

Release 3.87 is the latest (and hopefully last) in a bevy of silent fix releases that dealt with various issues reported in the field about Tool Families and that dealt with various other minor features including:

- Added 5051 aluminum

- Set up Tool Selection from cribs to order the menu in whatever order the user has the Tool Crib sorted in.

- Alphabetized Tool Crib names.


2/25/17: Release 3.81

Release 3.81 adds:

- Tool Families can now be Shared Preferences.

- Added Tool Family support to Tool Crib. Your Tool Crib tools can now be set up with a Tool Family.

- Added new material PVDF to Plastics: Soft.

- Added the ability to import Tool Families via CSV file.

- Fixed some bugs on the Material selection "More" button that made it refuse to select specific alloys and conditions when selected via History List or Keyboard.

- Fixed a couple of minor bugs on the Weights and Volumes applet.


2/7/17: Release 3.80

Release 3.80 adds:

- Tool Families

- Option to set Inches per Second on feedrates for Shopbot users. The option appears on the Machine Profile.

- Added new Machine Profiles for Shopbot Desktop, Desktop Max, and PRSalpha CNC Routers. To add them to your list, click the "Reset" button on the Machine Profile page. It adds back any default profiles that aren't there but won't change profiles that exist already.


1/31/17: Release 3.72

Release 3.72 adds:

- The "Plunge" label on Feeds/Speeds is now a dropdown so you can see feedrates to enter cuts using Plunge, Helix, or Ramp styles.

- Renamed "Interpolate" mini-calc "Helix" for compatibility with the Plunge style.

- Tool crib now stores coating and tool material.

- Changed Tool Crib so that when you create a new tool, it uses the same generic parameters every time instead of the parameters of the currently selected tool. While the latter can be a handy shortcut, it was confusing way too many people.

- Fixed a number of minor bugs in the tool crib reported by customers.


1/24/17: Release 3.70

Release 3.70 adds:

- Unit labels on fields of Feeds/Speeds to make it more obvious.

- GD&T applet now handles all GD&T symbols.

- New Getting Started Tour shows how to use the Cheat Sheet.

- Built with AIR 23 for compatibility with GWE.


1/4/17: Release 3.69

Release 3.69 adds:

- Cheat Sheet: Press this button below the Tips to pop up the Ultimate Feeds and Speeds Cheat Sheet

- CNC Router vs VMC Rigidity Options: When using rigidity adjusted power curves, there is a new option to aim for either CNC Router or VMC level rigidity. CNC Routers are typically less rigid because they're doing lower tolerance work.


12/8/16: Release 3.66

Release 3.66 adds:

- Added support for ZrN coating.

- Changed text color on Threads applet to improve readability.

- Added a short cut to copy RPM and Feedrate to clipboard if you click their labels. This just reduces the number of steps required to copy them over to your CAM software.

- Fixed bugs in calculating pipe weights and a bug that sometimes caused CADCAM Wizards to select a Cut Width wider than the cutter.


10/26/16: Release 3.65

Release 3.65 adds:

- New GD&T App under QuickRef tab gives a summary of GD&T Symbol Meanings with links to our GD&T Tutorial.

- New Machine Selector popup allows machine list to be filtered by Make.

- Added Fadal VM 15, VMC 15XT, VMC 4020, and VMC 4525 machine profiles.

- Added Hurco VM20i and VMX24i machine profiles.

- Fixed a unit conversion bug in the Ramping Mini Calc. It was always showing Imperial.

- Improved the usability of the limits. Limits now turn red when within 0.5% of their redline. There are tips that explain what the limits mean. Plus other detail changes.


9/24/16: Release 3.61 (Minor Release)

Release 3.61 adds new Social Login and Getting Started Tours per the article linked.


9/17/16: Release 3.59 (Minor Release)

Release 3.59 adds:

- Lots of updates to streamline and improve the usability of Login process. Added Social Logins, for example.

- Fixed a bug where pressing "New Tool" with no Tool Crib selected was causing problems.


8/29/16: Release 3.49 (Minor Release)

Release 3.49 adds:

- Fixed Bug: Tabbing through a field shouldn't turn on the padlock.

- Added G10 Material under Composites.


8/15/16: Release 3.45 (Minor Release)

Release 3.45 adds:

- Corner Rounding Endmill: New geometry type for Endmills.

- When importing toolcrib.csv, if there is no key or tabname, these fields will be automatically created.

- Made Cut Optimizer 3-5x faster

- Retuned feeds and speeds a bit for composites and chamfer bits.

- Reclassified ABS from hard to soft plastic per Onsrud's practice.

- Fixed a bug where cancelling from the Tool Crib popup menu meant it would take 2 clicks to bring the menu back.


7/31/16: Release 3.38 (Minor Release)

Release 3.38 adds:

- The old version would overwrite toolcrib.csv if there was an error loading it. New version renames it toolcrib.csverror rather than overwriting it.

- Add new materials by user request: N08031, Copper C110 H02.

- Tool crib would develop errors if "<" or ">" was used in any of the text fields. Fixed this problem.

- Modified Tortoise-Hare slider to allow percentage settings so it now has 100 settings instead of the original 4. Also made it produce a smoother curve of results than the old slider.

- Expired trial users now get lifetime access to Calculator, ToDo, Threads, and QuickRefs.

- Added a bolt circle save function to save to a csv file.

- Re-formatted the Hardness conversion page and added some new scales.

- Moved the IPR display down next to the IPM feedrate for Lathe Feeds and Speeds.

- Added a new graphical tool selector page for Indexable Face and End Mills.


7/8/16: Release 3.34 (Minor Release)

Release 3.34 adds:

- Lumber Size Calculator

- Hawaiian Koa Wood added to Material DB


6/27/16: Release 3.33 (Minor Release)

Release 3.33 adds:

- Giant new databases for Softwood and Hardwood.

- Feedrate adjustment based on Janga hardness for Softwoods and Hardwoods.

- Added a Beginner's Glossary accessible from the First Login Menu.

- Updates to Machine Setup Guided Tour.

- Wrote a new Material DB Guided Tour.

- New Maraging Steel 300 and 250 Materials.

- New Duplex 2205 Material.

- Fixed some Tool Crib issues around Lead Angles and corruption of that field in CSVs.

- Moved Plunge label closer to Plunge Feedrate value.


6/12/16: Release 3.31 (Minor Release)

- Vacuum Table Mini-Calc


5/10/16: Release 3.30 (Minor Release - Mandatory)

Release 3.30 introduces the ToDo Wizard. A Pomodoro-style time management aid for CNC'ers.


5/5/16: Release 3.26 (Minor Release)

Release 3.26 includes:

- Added a Real Time Cut Optimizer feature. Just click the label of Cut Width or Cut Depth to see the values immediately update to the maximum they can be within deflection limits.

- Support for PCD endmills.

- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to change the angle on a V-Bit.

- Fixed a problem with editing Cut Width.

- Fixed an error in calculating the effective chipload when rpm is overidden and HSM is checked.


4/10/16: Release 3.21 (Minor Release)

Release 3.21 is a minor release that includes:

- Improvements and bug fixes to the new pictorial popup tool menu.

- Fixed a few Cut Optimizer issues.


4/2/16: Release 3.19 & 3.20 (Minor Release)

Release 3.19 & 3.20 are minor releases that include:

- Feeds and Speeds now recalculates on every keystroke. v3.20 fixes bugs in keystroke editing brought on by this new recalculation scheme.

- Fixed bugs preventing the editing of Tool Crib geometry.


3/12/16: Release 3.18 (Minor Release)

Release 3.18 is a minor release that includes:

- Redid the layout of the New Tool popup in the Tool Crib for increased readability and consistency with the Feeds and Speeds app.

- New graphical tool menu comes up when the Geometry button is pressed.

- Increased the wait time on logins for slow Internet connections to succeed.


3/2/16: Release 3.15 (Minor Release)

Release 3.15 is a minor release that includes:

- Tool Menu Popup (access via "..." button just right of tool menu) is now operational. We'll continue to label it Beta for a release or two, but I've been using it successfully for my own work. There's quite a lot of new functionality there, and still more to come in future near-term releases.

- Fixed a bug where making the shared folder a removable drive and then unmounting the drive could sometimes hang the software.

- Alphabetize machine list for better usability.

- Improved behavior of CADCAM Hole Wizard so it can get around Tool Deflection challenges a little better.

- Fixed material menus to stay synchronized between Feeds and Speeds and CADCAM Wizard tab.


2/12/16: Release 3.10 (Minor Release)

Release 3.10 is a minor release that includes:

- Added a bunch of user requested Aluminum alloys including: 6026, 33103 H14, 4015 H14, 5251 in O, H22, H24, and H26 conditions, and 6106 T6.

- Fixed some problems when trying to use CADCAM Wizards with Routers.

- Updated CADCAM Wizards so it uses the current unit system (metric or Imperial) for tool diameters.

- CADCAM Wizards now get the hints in the results table for each cut stage.

- Added a Shapeoko 3 Machine Profile with two variations--one for DeWalt and one for Porter Cable spindle.

- Changed the label on the Mfg's Data to make it clear this data is optional and not required for a Feeds and Speeds calculation.


2/2/16: Release 3.09 (Minor Release)

Release 3.09 is a minor release that includes:

- Fixed some Tool Crib issues.

- Updated Tool Selection UI Mockup so it does a more complete job bringing in the current tool's parameters and so it works better with the Tool Crib. There were also a lot of behind the scenes changes to support the new Tool Selection UI.


1/26/16: Release 3.06 (Minor Release)

Release 3.06 is a minor release focused fixing some bugs that prevented proper saving of the spindle power curve for some users. Also fixed conversion back and forth to metric vs imperial units on the spindle power curve.

1/20/16: Release 3.04 (Minor Release)

Release 3.04 is a minor release focused on presenting a new UI design for the Tool Selection menu for comment. The UI design is a mockup that is not functional and is intended for comment only.


1/14/16: Release 3.03 (Minor Release)

Release 3.03 is focused on usability improvements:

- HSM now recalculates automatically when you change Cut Width. The UI is changed slightly to reflect this. You can override the Tool Engagement Angle if you want to enter one manually rather than use Cut Width to calculate it.

- Changed the Tips message so it is a drop down to make it easier to see multiple Tips.

- Added new tips for Aluminum that warn to use Coolant/Mist/Lubricant and to use less than 4 flutes with endmills.


1/6/16: Release 3.02 (Minor Release)

Release 3.02 fixed a bug that prevented the Crib Wizard from working.


1/4/16: Release 3.01 (Minor Release)

Release 3.01 fixes a bug in Cut Optimizer that comes up with very tiny endmills (e.g. 0.005" diameter).


1/2/16: Release 3.00 (Minor Release)

Release 3.00 is a minor release that includes:

- Tool Cribs can now be shared.

- Added a Tormach PCNC 440 machine profile. Just click "Reset" to add back any new machine profiles to your list. Existing profiles will not be overridden.

- Added CPM S35VN steel to the Material DB. This is a popular high performance stainless for knife makers.

- Made some cosmetic improvements to the Feeds and Speeds page.


1/1/16: Release 2.99 (Minor Release)

Release 2.99 is a minor release that includes:

- Tool Crib bug fixes.

- Added 8640 Steel to Material DB


12/16/15: Release 2.98 (Minor Release)

Release 2.98 is a minor release that includes:

- Shared Machine Profiles

- Added Melamine to materials under MDF, and SAE 660 Bearing Bronze to Materials DB.

- Converted the file format of machine profiles to CSV. You can load it into Excel to look at it or modify it if that's convenient. Be careful not to delete any columns or change the first row.

- Made the Plunge Feedrate accessible for Copy.

- Fixed some bugs in the Hardness conversion utility

- The Machine Hourly Rate Calculator button is back to tell you that it is available in G-Wizard Estimator, which is free during Beta Test to G-Wizard Calculator users.

10/20/15: Release 2.95 (Minor Release)

Release 2.95 is a minor release that includes:

- New 3D Surfacing CADCAM Wizard.

10/12/15: Release 2.94 (Minor Release)

Release 2.94 is a minor release that includes:

- Startup of CADCAM Wizards is considerably faster than it was.

10/6/15: Release 2.92 (Minor Release)

Release 2.92 is a minor release that includes:

- Update on slitting saw support. Now gives a warning when the depth of cut is too large for a pass.

- Added Materials: ATS-34, ATS-35, 3CR12, 13-8PH @ H1000, 4047 aluminum.

- Fixed a bug where settting full Tortoise with an 80% derate on chipload could force the rubbing warning to be on all the time.

- Made a number of improvements in numeric field behavior for localized regions that use "," instead of "." for decimal point.


9/7/15: Release 2.87 (Mandatory Minor Release)

Release 2.87 is a minor release:

- Added Login Helper to make it easy to troubleshoot the login process.

- Fixed a couple localization problems in Machine Setup.

- Made Feeds and Speeds a bit more graceful dealing with Horsepower Limits.

9/2/15: Release 2.86 (Minor Release)

Release 2.82 is a minor release:

- Added Login Wizard to simplify the login process.

- Added in-app offer notification so you don't miss out on our sales.

8/9/15: Release 2.82 (Minor Release)

Release 2.82 is a minor release:

- Machine Hourly Cost Calculator has been moved to G-Wizard Estimator.

- Fixed a variety of customer reported bugs in CADCAM Wizards. In particular, the CADCAM Hole Wizard for Lathes had a lot of work done on it.

- Added a DFM warning when parting more than 10x the parting blade width per Sandvik recommendations.


7/3/15: Release 2.81 (Minor Release)

Release 2.81 is a minor release:

- Added Thread Mill Feeds and Speeds.

- Added ER Collets to the list of standard tapers.

- Added PTFT to Plastics - Soft

- Added a machine profile for the Tormach 16 PRO Slant Bed Lathe

- Added an option that is on by default to constrain stepdown to equal steps for CADCAM Wizards

- Fixed a few minor bugs reported by customers.


5/13/15: Release 2.80 (Minor Release)

Release 2.80 is a minor release:

- Add support for High Pressure Coolant with TSC. Improved TSC coolant support as well.

- Added a machine profile for Carbide 3D Nomad 883.

- Fixed a few minor bugs reported by customers.

3/19/15: Release 2.79 (Minor Release)

Release 2.79 is a minor release:

- Tune up the Fits and Tolerances applet.

- Changed Home and End key behavior on numeric fields so it moves cursor to first and last position.

- Fixed a bug in ID Turning CADCAM Wizard that caused it to miscalculate the number of passes.

- Added boring bar sizing DFM messages to ID Turning CADCAM Wizard.

3/19/15: Release 2.78 (Mandatory Release)

Release 2.78 is a minor release:

- HP calculations were tweaked to make them better for marginal horsepower situations on small machines. They also figure in the HP reductions due to High Lubricity Coatings and Serrated Corncob Roughers.

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't sort the columns of data grids.


3/15/15: Release 2.76 (Minor Release)

Release 2.76 is a minor release that adds A513 Low Carbon Steel material for Feeds and Speeds.

3/2/15: Release 2.75 (Minor Release)

Release 2.75 is a minor release that adds a new Cobalt Chrome (CoCr) material family for Feeds and Speeds.


2/16/15: Release 2.74 (Minor Release)

Release 2.74 is a minor bug fix release that fixes a problem where the "Sizes" button was disabled.


2/12/15: Release 2.73 (Feathered Release)

Release 2.73 is a minor bug fix release:

- Fixed a problem with feedrate being way too large when a Ballnose is selected in Metric.

- Add C69300 Silicon Brass to Material DB.


1/28/15: Release 2.72 (Minor Release)

Release 2.70 is a minor feature release:

- More tuning up on the new Data Grid personalization features.

- Tormach users get 3 HP on Lathes in GWLite mode to support the Tormach lathe.

- Added Haynes 188 / Inconel 188 to the Materials DB

- Changed icon on login bar from accessing the User Club Forums to accessing the Question Exchange.


1/15/15: Release 2.70 (Minor Release)

Release 2.70 is a minor feature release:

- Many of the Data Grids now have enhanced functionality so you can change the order of columns, hide columns, change column width, and change sort order and the system will remember these choices from one session to the next. This helps greatly with tables that have a lot of columns, such as the tool table. To invoke the feature, just click the mouse in the column header and popup to edit the columns will appear.

- Updated the spindle power curve so it can have as many points as you wish and it shows a snazzy graph of the curve as well.

- Flute Length in the Geometry table is now working and will be saved in Tool Tables.

- Fixed a slew of Localization problems when the decimal is something other than "."

- Fixed a few other user-reported problems and usability glitches in various places that aren't encountered very often.


12/27/14: Release 2.64 (Minor Release)

Release 2.64 is a minor feature release focused on these areas:

- Audited and revamped MRR and spindle power calculations. Incorporated refinements from Kennametal on how to modify HP based on W/D ratios as well as how to modify HP based on whether it's turning, drilling, or milling. Most others just use the same machinability factor for all these cases and that's not quite right.

- Fixed some user-reported issues with CADCAM Wizards.


12/6/14: Release 2.59 (Minor Release)

Release 2.59 is a minor feature release focused on these areas:

- Material History List (under "More" button) now updates whenever Materials are selected instead of just when they're selected via "More".

- Turning Feeds and Speeds now warn when RPM limit is reached by turning it red.

- Added a "No Plunge" warning for Compression and Downcut bits on CNC Routers.

- Fixed problem where graphics would disappear on QuickRefs, Fasteners.

- Fixed a bug on CADCAM Wizards so you don't have to hit "Recalc" to change between extents modes.

- Made the data grid horizontally scrollable on CADCAM Wizard results for better usability on smaller screens.

- Modified the Tortoise Hare slider to make sure the feedrates are always in order. Sometimes a faster feedrate could appear in the middle of the range before this update.

- Added #12 flat head screw size to QuickRef fasteners.

- Added new materials: 5115 / 16MnCr5 / 1.7131 Steel, ASTM A743 CA6NM, C65500 High Silicon Bronze, Din No. 1.4305 Stainless steel, ST37- Din No. 1.0037 Steel, F91, F22, and F11.


10/15/14: Release 2.58 (Minor Release)

Release 2.58 is a minor feature release focused on these areas:

- Added features aimed at supporting large Tool Tables better. These include ability to search for tools in tables, the ability to filter tools by type in the Feeds and Speeds popup, and performance enhancements aimed at making very large tables perform better.

- Fixed a problem whereby some of the graphics were missing in v2.56 from the Thread Reference, Countersink/Chamfer Geometery, and a couple other places.


10/9/14: Release 2.56 (Mandatory Minor Release)

Release 2.56 is a minor feature release focused on these areas:

- Changed CADCAM Wizards to use a recalc button at the top right. It turns red when recalculation is needed. We had a lot of users who felt like the automatic recalculation was too slow when they wanted to change multiple input parameters, so this should make them much happier.

- Added Mach3 tool table formats to the Tool Crib Import/Export. We will start adding CAM tool table formats soon too, but this one gets us started down the path of supporting multiple formats.

- Our code signing certificate is expiring, so this release has a migrational certificate plus a newly renewed certificate.


9/9/14: Release 2.54 (Minor Release)

Release 2.54:

- Adds new silent download upgrades

- Fixes a problem where Tabbing between fields in FeedsSpeeds had quit working

- Corrects error in minor diameter data for 6-32 threads.

- Corrects a problem that would sometimes hang the Face Milling CADCAM Wizards during recalc.


8/25/14: Release 2.52 (Minor Release + Mandatory Release)

Release 2.52 fixes a problem with Field Operators that had made them hard to use.


7/17/14: Release 2.51 (Minor Release)

Release 2.51 fixes a problem that prevented CADCAM Wizards from recalculating if accessed before the Feeds/Speeds page. Also improved the accuracy of CADCAM Wizard time estimates.


7/2/14: Release 2.50 (Minor Release)

Release 2.50 fixes a problem that was inhibiting recalc of the CADCAM Wizards on some machines.


6/27/14: Release 2.49 (Minor Release)

Release 2.49 fixes a problem that would times trigger recalc over and over in CADCAM Wizards. It also adds new materials: AR400, AR500, 4145, and Hastelloy X. Lastly, it disables the 3D Surfacing CADCAM Wizard so the fact that it is still just a mockup is less confusing.


6/12/14: Release 2.48 (Minor Release)

Release 2.48 fixes problem problems with the Threads app that were introduced in 2.47.


5/26/14: Release 2.47 (Minor Release)

Release 2.47 fixes a problem with indexable tooling when lead angle is other than 90 degrees. It also reduces the startup time.


5/9/14: Release 2.45 (Minor Feature Release)

Release 2.45 fixes a couple of bugs to do with error messages and adds the new Crib Wizard to the Tool Crib page. The Crib Wizard is capable of automatically generating Tool Crib entries for endmills or twist drills in standard sizes. In addition, Tool Cribs now have a "Description" field that can be used to describe the purpose and contents. Also added a unit indicator for drill peck depth.


4/29/14: Release 2.42 (Minor Release)

Release 2.42 fixes a couple of minor problems with the Tool Crib tool editor (pops up with double click).


4/24/14: Release 2.41 (Minor Release)

Release 2.41 fixes a problem with Center Drill Feeds/Speeds.


4/21/14: Release 2.40 (Feature Release)

Release 2.40 is a feature release that adds:

- Added Lathe Threading as a new Tool Type in Feeds/Speeds.

- Added a Threading CADCAM Wizard.

- Added the ability to transfer thread specs from the Thread Database to the Threading CADCAM Wizard.

- Added a Center Drill Tool Type in Feeds/Speeds.

- Added CADCAM Custom Wizard for CADCAM Estimator and other Cycle Time calculations.

- Updated the csv file format to include an "opTime" column that is the time in minutes for the operation. This makes it easier to do further calculations on the operation.

- Fixed a bug in calculating the number of passes for the CADCAM OD Turn wizard.


4/7/14: Release 2.38 (Minor Release)

Release 2.38 is a minor feature release that adds:

- Peck Depth is now displayed in the Tips on Feeds/Speeds

- Did a mini-upgrade on Peck Depths. Added through spindle coolant and HP (high helix) support.

- For Mill-Turn users, you can now select Milling tools through the "Milling" sub-menu at the bottom of the Lathe Tool Menu.


3/28/14: Release 2.37 (Feathered Release)

Release 2.37 is a minor feature release that adds:

- Improved UI of Groove/Part in Feeds/Speeds to be clearer.

- Added Groove/Part CADCAM Wizard.

- Custom CADCAM Wizards to calculate cycle times on arbitrary Feeds/Speeds setups and add them to CADCAM Estimator.

- Reduced the slowdown penalty for deep cuts that have very shallow stepover. These cuts will now run faster.

- Fixed some bugs to do with not triggering recalc every time it was needed in CADCAM Wizards.

- Improved the automatic balancing of real estate among the different controls on a CADCAM Wizard so that it optimizes better and you can see more without scrolling.


3/21/14: Release 2.36 (Feathered Release)

Release 2.36 is a minor feature release that adds Facing and ID Turning (Boring) CADCAM Wizards.


3/19/14: Release 2.35 (Mandatory Release 3/28/14)

Release 2.35 is a minor bug fix release:

- Made the message about incompatible machines only appear when the Tool Crib is open because that is what it refers to.

- Fixed a bug that grayed out the Surface Finish calculator for ballnosed endmills.

- Changed precision on "Leadscrew" on the Motor tab in QuickRefs to 4 digits.

- Fixed a rounding problem on some numbers in the Calculator. It was showing tiny errors 16 digits out.

- Fixed a problem setting the corner style on the OD Turning CADCAM Wizard.

- Fixed a couple of metric bugs on the OD Turning CADCAM Wizard.

- Increased the Surface Speed when machining brass with TiAlN coated endmills. It still can't go as fast as aluminum (as recommended by most tooling manufacturers) but it is closer.

- Fixed some cases in CADCAM Wizards where SFM or IPR might show "NaN".


3/13/14: Release 2.34

Release 2.34 is a minor bug fix release:

- Fixed some OD Turn Wizard problems with metric.

- Fixed a problem where the Cut Depth Mini-Calc wouldn't paste back to Feeds and Speeds.

- Fixed a problem that would sometimes cause the Spindle Power Curve code to make feeds and speeds oscillate between best for HP and best for Feedrate.

- Changed the popup Feeds and Speeds from CADCAM Wizards so they won't allow Tool Crib picks until CADCAM Wizards can handle them.

- Fixed a problem that made it hard to change the machine associated with a Tool Crib.


3/10/14: Release 2.33

Release 2.33 is a minor bug fix release:

- Added Titanium alloys TA14, 15, 16, and 17 to the Materials DB.

- Fixed a bug calculating ballnose endmills when cut depth was greater than tool radius. Bug was introduced in 2.30.

- Fixed a problem where the CADCAM Hole Wizard could quit recalculating if non-standard hole diameters were used.

- Fixed a problem where TiAlN and HP endmills would come up without those prefixes when editing an entry in the Tool Crib.


3/9/14: Release 2.32

Release 2.32 is a minor bug fix release. Tool Cribs that had double quotes for inches in the string fields were losing those tools.


3/4/14: Release 2.30 + 2.31

Release 2.30 is a minor release focused on:

- New OD Turn CADCAM Wizard for lathes.

- Added Chamfer Mill geometry.

- Lots of clean up work on Tool Crib and Tool Geometry.

- Release 2.31 fixed a bug introduced in 2.30 that was ignoring a chipload value and generating NaNs in the feeds and speeds results.


2/28/14: Release 2.29

Release 2.29 is a minor release focused on usability and bug fixing for the Tool Crib and Tool Geometries. It's clearing the way to make it easier to add more geometries going forward.


2/17/14: Release 2.28

Release 2.28 is a minor release that focuses on:

- UI for OD Turning CADCAM Wizard is mocked up along with CADCAM Wizard options for lathes.

- Added History and Search to Material DB "More" button popup.

- Added Phenolic and Tufnol to Material DB.

- Added an explanatory label to Feeds and Speeds Tortoise-Hare slider that explains what each setting is for. Spread out the stops so they're more evenly spaced. There used to be a big gap from Full Tortoise to the next step up.

- Fixed a bug in loading CADCAM Estimator files.


2/11/14: Release 2.27

Release 2.27 is a minor usability release that focuses on:

- Got rid of commas in numeric fields.

- Did an overhaul of Gun Drill Feeds and Speeds. Reviewed a bunch of new data and fine tuned it. Simplified the UI to quit showing fields that don't affect Gun Drill such as Cut Depth and Stickout.

- Added MIC-6 and K-100 cast aluminum tooling plate to the material DB.

- Fixed some seldom seen Cut Optimizer bugs associated with the interaction between CADCAM Wizard and Feeds and Speeds.


1/25/14: Release 2.26

Release 2.26 is a minor bug fix release that focuses on:

- CADCAM Wizard bugs reported by users.

- Changed the rubbing warning to be less sensitive for soft materials like Plastic and Wood.


1/8/14: Release 2.25

Release 2.25 is a minor feature release that includes:

- New popup Feeds and Speeds popup for CADCAM Wizards. Just double click the row on the operations list, edit in the Feeds and Speeds popup, then click the Save button. This makes it easier to fine tune and optimize the CADCAM Wizard results.

- New ability to import Estimate files (csv files).

- New file format for the Estimate files with more record types and more columns to capture more information. Note: there are more file format changes coming and the current format is primarily for testing and casual use. Once we have a complete file format, we'll publish a spec for it and make future versions upward compatible.

- Added Waspalloy to the Materials DB.

- Fixed a number of problems with CADCAM Wizard time estimating.


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