Mar 9, John: Thanks for checking in, the students really like the software. Saves a lot of trips to the simulators. They like the fact they can see the tool path as they write the code.

Jan 27, James:Every program we use goes through G-Code Editor. This is a very valuable piece of software for our company.


Nov 17, Micah:This software has been a life saver and we have built our machine shop around the capabilities of this software.  I look forward to using this software for years to come!

Oct 16, Rick:Hi- have to tell you how valuable your wizard has been for me. Machining times are a fraction of what they once were!


From a Recent Survey, here is what people tell their friends about why they should get G-Wizard Editor too:

- I use it for verifying my CAM output. It's saved me more than once from scrap or crashes. I've also learned a lot more about gcode.

- Love being able to quickly and easily find the errors in my CAM generated code.

- It's a great tool for the toolbox at a reasonable price.

- Quick and easy to setup and use. Easy to configure for different machine tools.

- Recommended for the ease of editing and the plotting of the tool path.

- Really like the simplicity of the program.

- Simple to use. Easy to learn. A great gcode learning tool as well.

Email from Customers:

Apr 23, Phil: Have just spent the better part of the day playing with GWE. It's exactly what I was hoping for and more, brilliant job.

Apr 22, Thom: I love this product. The GWizard editor has shown me problems with program-generated code, enabled me to demonstrate to the software vendor exactly where the problem occurs. It lets me do a far more thorough "sanity check" of resulting GCode, and it's really easy to modify the code. 

Mar 2, Mike: The program’s (GW Editor) working great. It took an hour off my set up time the first day I used it.


Jul 1, Jonathan: The program (G-Wizard Editor) is fantastic.

May 18, Duncan: The "hints" section is magic for a gcode "newbie"

Mar 2, Shawn: Thanks Bob, the program is really helping me to learn how to write programs. I am currently a student in computer integrated machining in my local community college

Feb 24, Paul: I will be starting a job next week as an instructor in CNC Milling (we have a Haas Mini-Mill).

I found the software to be quite amazing and a delight. When I loaded a test CNC program, the software correctly displayed the item being described. I like how it shows an explanation for each command in a code block. Very useful..

Feb 19, Mark: We just purchased your GWizard software after using the trial version for the last month.  It has proven to be very useful for me to debug a macro program I’ve been working on.  I’m pretty green when it comes to macro programming and I don’t think I would have been able to do this if I had to work on the machine itself.

Jan 21, Stefano: Everythings good on using G-Wizard, it's very simply and effective, very nice software. Thank you for you support.


"We depend on delighted customers who help us get the word out about our software." Bob Warfield