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Polar to Rectangular (Cartesian) Coordinate Conversion Calculator

Polar to Rectangular Calculator

Download our G-Wizard Calculator for a free Polar to Rectangular Coordinate Conversion Calculator. You can use this calculator (and many of the others) in G-Wizard for life just by signing up for our 30-day trial. That's right--most of the calculators can still be used after the trial expires.

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Here's what G-Wizards Polar to Rectangular Calculator looks like:

Polar to rectangular calculator

Free G-Wizard Polar to Rectangular Calculator...

Math behind Converting Polar to Rectangular Coordinates

Converting from Polar to Rectangular (also called Cartesian) coordinates is easy to do. Refer to this diagram:

Variables used in polar to rectangular coordinate conversions...

The variables used in polar to rectangular coordinate conversion are:

x: The X-Axis coordinate

y: The Y-Axis coordinate

r: The radius or distance on the polar vector

Theta (Greek character): The angle from the X-Axis in a counter-clockwise direction

Equation to Convert Polar to Rectangular Coordinates

Given r and Theta, we can find x and y to convert from Polar to Rectangular coordinates as follows:

x = r Cos( Theta )

y = r Sin( Theta )

Equation to Convert Rectangular to Polar Coordinates

If we know x and y, we can find r and Theta to convert from Rectangular to Polar coodinates as follows:

r = SQRT( x * x + y * y )

Theta = arctan( y / x )



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