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Polar to Rectangular (Cartesian) Coordinate Conversion Calculator

Polar to Rectangular Calculator

Download our G-Wizard Calculator for a free Polar to Rectangular Coordinate Conversion Calculator. You can use this calculator (and many of the others) in G-Wizard for life just by signing up for our 30-day trial. That's right--most of the calculators can still be used after the trial expires.

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Here's what G-Wizard's Polar to Rectangular Calculator looks like:

Polar to rectangular calculator

Free G-Wizard Polar to Rectangular Calculator...

As you can see, the Polar to Rectangular Calculator is just one of a number of useful calculators included with the software and free for you to use.

Math behind Converting Polar to Rectangular Coordinates

Converting from Polar to Rectangular (also called Cartesian) coordinates is easy to do. Refer to this diagram:

polar to rectangular coordinate conversion

Variables used in polar to rectangular coordinate conversions...

The variables used in polar to rectangular coordinate conversion are:

x: The X-Axis coordinate

y: The Y-Axis coordinate

r: The radius or distance on the polar vector

Theta (Greek character): The angle from the X-Axis in a counter-clockwise direction

Equation to Convert Polar to Rectangular Coordinates

Given r and Theta, we can find x and y to convert from Polar to Rectangular coordinates as follows:

x = r Cos( Theta )

y = r Sin( Theta )

Equation to Convert Rectangular to Polar Coordinates

If we know x and y, we can find r and Theta to convert from Rectangular to Polar coodinates as follows:

r = SQRT( x * x + y * y )

Theta = arctan( y / x )

Video on How to Convert With a Calculator

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