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Wish List and Future Projects (Model Engines)

This page has the list of model engines I hope to build some day. It's also a nice gallery of engines that others built that have particularly impressed me.

Warning: Be careful with steam and other engines. Engines operate of energy and can generate significant forces. Steam explosions, bearing failures, and other maladies can be extremely hazardous!

Stirling Model Engines

Stirling engines are fascinating, and the require a higher degree of precision to run well than a steam engine. Initially, I want to build a few Stirling model engines. Much longer term, I'm curious whether it would be possible to generate meaningful solar powered electricity with one.

Ray Gun Stirling

A "Ray Gun" Model Stirling...

Stirling Generators

Is it possible to collect enough solar energy to generate meaningful power with a Stirling? A worthwhile goal would be to reach the level of a few kilowatts like a little portable internal combustion generator would.

Stirling generator


Bob's No. 1 Steam Engine

This project was inspired by the Engineman's (John Bentley's) gorgeous naval brass version of the original Stuart Turner steam engine. The proportions of this model cannot be faulted, and I've had a hard time trying to make sure my version is at all true to those aesthetics. This will be a very long term project as I don't intend to even begin any construction until I have both a CNC mill and lathe with which to build the engine. Nevertheless, it's been a fun design project!

Thimble Steam Engine

This little wobbler, courtesy of HMEM board, was apparently built from plans in the book, "Steam and Stirling Engines." It is from the article, "Thimble Power Plant", by James Senft. It has a 1/16" bore and stroke. The flywheel is 1/4" diameter the crankshaft is .020". It runs at about 20,000 rpm because it is so small.

Machine Age "Streamliner" Engine

I don't know what this will be yet, but I got the idea looking at this cool air compressor made in the 40's:


Love the swoop "streamliner" look...

Miniature Steam Turbines




Visit the Model Steam Turbine Page for More Info...


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