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CNC Resources
Reference Data


Useful Reference Data Links

ACME Tap Information: Which drill do I use for an ACME tap?

ChipBlaster : Makers of High Performance Coolant Systems. Data on feeds & speeds when used with such a system together with data on the cooling system capacities needed to achieve these levels.

Collets: Great source of data on collet dimensions.

CNC Plastics: Lots of data on plastics.

End Mills: Hanita's tech info page. Lots of data on end mills, troubleshooting, and how to select the proper one for your application.

G-Codes for Lathes

G-Codes for Mills

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

How to Use a Lathe: Lots of detailed basic information, including how to grind your lathe tools.

Imperial Socket Head Cap Bolt Dimensions

Marv Klotz's Utilities: Software for people that make things.

Milling Machine Tapers: Lots of data and dimensions on milling machine tapers.

MyYellowCoat: Sandvik's great information site. Lots of good machining articles.

Niagara New Concepts in Milling Handbook: Niagara's guide to selecting milling cutters and their use.

NIST G-Code Standard: A definition of the CNC g-code language (RS274).

Notes on Tapers: Specs for many common tapers.

O-Rings: Great chart for finding the proper o-ring size.

Parlec Taper Specs

Steel Data: Information and articles about steel.

Thread Milling Handbook: By Vargus. Tons of good info.

Tools & Gizmos Taper Specs: Ridiculously complete!

Tribology: Tons of interesting information, articles, and calculators pertaining to friction, lubrication, and wear.

US Army's Fundamentals of Machine Tools



For Feeds and Speeds, Threads, Fasteners, Trig Calculations, and More: G-Wizard

Be sure to check out G-Wizard!


Bearing Data






R8 Collet Dimensions

5C Collet Dimensions


Round: 1 1/16"

Square: 3/4"

Hex: 29/32"

Carbide Insert Dimensions

Inscribed Circle: "

Thickness: 3/32"

Nose Radius: 1/64"

Insert Hole Diameter: 0.110"

Tip Angle: 80 degrees / 100 degrees

Side Length: 0.248"

Max Depth of Cut = to the inscribed circle

Rhino 3D Model



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