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Machine Tool Projects

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Future Projects and Ideas

Engines I'd Like to Build


Completed Project Work Logs

Way Covers New Way Covers for the IH Mill
Use an iPad as a Mach3 Pendant
Optical Limit Switches
Shop Air
Vise Jaws of "Doom"
Magnetic Way Covers for IH Mill
Coolant Mister
Making a Turner's Cube
R8 Tooling Rack
Industrial Hobbies Mill CNC Conversion (includes Epoxy/Granite fill, One Shot Oiler, etc.
Personalized Mill Screen Set for Mach3
Industrial Hobbies Mill One Shot Oiling System
Make Your Own Transfer Screws

Button V-Block

Ball Bearing Chuck Key Spinner
Fitting a Collet Chuck to the Lathemaster 9x30 Lathe
A DRO for the Lathe Compound
A Tailstock Camlock for the Lathemaster 9x30 Lathe
Air Tool Rack
Bandsaw Table and Other Improvements
12" Disc Sander

Low Temperature Differential

Free Piston Stirling

Quick and Easy Welding Table
"Instant" QCTP Indicator Holder
Widgitmaster CNC Mini-Router
Rotary Table Accessories
Powered Drawbar for the IH Mill
Power Feed for the IH Mill
An Inexpensive DRO for the Mill
A Vise Stop for the Kurt Vise


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