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Machine Tool Projects

Things we're doing or wishing we were doing in the shop. The projects are in reverse chronological order...



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Future Projects

Engines I'd Like to Build


Completed Projects


Way Covers

New Way Covers for the IH Mill

Completed 8/4/12

G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator

G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator

Completed 11/21/10

Use an iPad as a Mach3 Pendant

Completed 7/27/10

Optical Limit Switches

Completed 5/1/10

Shop Air

Completed 4/11/10

Vise Jaws of "Doom"

Completed 1/30/10


Coolant Mister

Completed 11/15/09

Making a Turner's Cube

Completed 7/5/09


R8 Tooling Rack

Completed 7/5/09


Personalized Mill Screen Set for Mach3

First Edition 5/10/09 (Jog Increment)


Make Your Own Transfer Screws

Completed 10/5/08


Button V-Block

Completed 4/30/08

Ball Bearing Chuck Key Spinner

Completed 4/25/08

A DRO for the Lathe Compound

Completed 4/15/08

Air Tool Rack

Completed 2/27/08

Bandsaw Table and Other Improvements

Completed 2/17/08



12" Disc Sander

Completed 2/12/08


Quick and Easy Welding Table

Completed 1/2/08



"Instant" QCTP Indicator Holder

Completed 4/29/07


Widgitmaster CNC Mini-Router

Completed 3/6/07



Rotary Table Accessories

Completed 2/3/07



Powered Drawbar for the IH Mill

Completed 12/17/06...


Power Feed for the IH Mill

Completed 11/4/06..

An Inexpensive DRO for the Mill

Inexpensive because I will eventually convert the mill to CNC and decomission the DRO.

X and Z axes completed 7/24/06. Have never needed the Y axis!


A Vise Stop for the Kurt Vise: Based on an elegant design by the Fidgiting Widgitmaster and embellished in a homely way by yours truly to include knurled finger wheels based on split cotter locks. There's probably some arugula and sun dried tomatos in there too!

Completed 7/12/06...



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