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Check Out These Amazing DIY CNC Plasma Tables

This Pictorial Idea Notebook is chock full of ideas for your own DIY Plasma Table project!

Amazing Shopmade Plasma Table

This plasma table from CNCZone is probably the most impressive table I have yet come across:

It's a big beast. The gantry is mounted on the long axis so that when it is slid out of the way, access to the table with a full sheet of material is easy.

They had the various parts laser cut by a nearby supplier. Note the copious use of "tab and slot" construction. I see this a lot when parts are to be welded together. Also note that cutting out parts like this would be a perfect job for a plasma table (or laser or waterjet).

The gantry is made of aluminum, and was powder coated. The details of the X-axis motor are showing how they used gas springs to preload against the rack. The whole thing rides on Thompson 1.5" linear rods.

Table is 4' x 10'. The torch is an ESAB 1500--the exact cutter I have!

Other Ideas

A nicely finished plasma table...

Roller chain driven plasma table...

More roller chain...

Router table. I'd love to make my table dual purpose. People say it doesn't work out very well, however.

Plasma table built from aluminum extrusions...

Really beefy CNC plasma table...

Router tables can be pretty compact too...

Another compact router. I can't see it well enough, but it has a linear slide at bottom of Y, I wonder if the top edge has a v-groove pulley running on it to help support the top? That would be a way to save cost on using 2 linear slides...

Clever looking small router...

Love the under table storage, if that's what it is. Also, can that be a gigantic hunk of granite as the table???

Nice router built as a college project...

Techno-Isel Router. Servo & Belt Drives are nicely integrated so they don't stick out. Looks like the X-axis rail is protected under the table from debris. Y- and Z-axes seem to be recessed for similar protection. The legs are heavy, but there is a lot less cross bracing than I would have expected. I guess the table extrusons are stressed members so it isn't needed.

Techno-Isel With Vacuum Table...

Skate bearing slide mechanism

Linear Bearings on Rods + ACME for Z-Travel, Lineary Slide + Rack & Pinnion for Y...

Rack and pinion drive with a Rasta tensioner to reduce backlash...

Spring tensioned rack and pinion to reduce backlash...


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