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G-Wizard Partners


We're big believers in partners and teamwork, and we're constantly on the lookout for innovative new partners who can bring value to our customers. Mixing things up with a little teamwork can't be beat.

They all offer great products and services that work well with our G-Wizard software, or perhaps more vice versa from their perspective, so don't hesitate to contact them. They've gone out of their way to help CNCCookbook, and we've enjoyed our relationship with them tremendously.

If you would like to partner with us, drop us a line. We'd love to work with you!


Autodesk: We're partnered with Autodesk, Inc., the world's leading design software company. We work with their market-leading Fusion 360 software as well as HSMWorks.

Fasttech Inc.

FASTtech, Inc.: FASTech is a leading CAD/CAM solution provider for manufacturing companies throughout Ohio and Eastern Kentucky. FASTech was established in 1988 and is located in Findlay, Ohio. FASTech has remained in the top ten Mastercam resellers network for more than a decade. FASTech established and maintains, one of the most important online resources for the Mastercam audience.
Gearotic Logo
Gearotic Motion: Gear Design CAD/CAM software from Art Fenerty, the creator of Mach3.
GRZSoftware GRZSoftware are the makers of the excellent MeshCAM CNC software. We've worked with GRZ to produce an integration making it easy to cut and paste speeds and feeds information from G-Wizard Calculator directly into the MeshCAM software. Check out our review of MeshCAM which also shows how the integration works.
HSMWorks The team behind HSMWorks has been delivering advanced CNC toolpath technology to customers worldwide for the past 15 years through 3rd party CAM vendors and resellers. They used that experience to create a fresh new take on CAM software. We're working on integrating G-Wizard with HSMWorks.
Mecsoft MecSoft develops affordable CAD/CAM software solutions for the global manufacturing marketplace. They have a variety of solutions including Visual Mill, one of the most popular choices in CNCCookbook's CAM survey, RhinoCAM, AlibreCAM, and a number of other products. We're hard at work creating an integration between G-Wizard and Visual Mill.
OneCNC Logo OneCNC is totally focused on bringing CAD-CAM technology of the highest standards to the Windows desktop PC. It's the first CAM package we learned here at CNCCookbook, and Rob Francis was kind enough to sponsor our HSM Feeds and Speeds Beta Test on the OneCNC customer forums. We're hard at work creating an integration between G-Wizard and Visual Mill.
SprutCAM Logo SprutCAM is a powerful multi-axis CAM system developed by SPRUT Technology from Russia for programming CNC equipment, including milling machines, lathes, wire EDM, and other equipment. We're working to create a G-Wizard integration with SprutCAM.
Tormach Logo Tormach's mission is to empower people who make things, and they do that extremely well. They've given us invaluable support in terms of helping to get the word out, giving us feedback about the needs of their machinist customers, and providing CNCCookbook with many of their products for review.




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