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G-Wizard G-Code Editor: Revolution for CNC Machinists

Throw out the old ideas for g-code editing and simulation. Build something new. Something better.

A radically easier way to deal with g-code. That's what we did with GWE.

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Old School Machining

Powerful for Experts, Simple for Beginners


Verify your G-Code toolpaths with graphical simulation and backplot viewer
CAM-style postprocessor "post" options. Downloadable controller profiles for popular controllers. Multiple view perspectives with scale, rotate, and pan. Control over exactly what gets displayed.

G-Wizard G-Code Editor

Our Guarantee

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Simulate G-Code execution for debugging and deeper understanding
Single block, run to toolchange, run to subprogram, variable playback speed, mode and state information with graphical feedback.


Analyze G-Code with GWE's unique Hints
Hints give detailed information not available anywhere else, right down to a translation of what the g-code does into simple English. Deeper error checking than most controllers. Find problems at your desk, not your machine.


Transform G-Code with power Revision commands
Capitalization, spaces, special characters, block numbers, and a whole host of other powerful transformations on your g-code.


Integrate Tool Tables, Feeds and Speeds, and More
Full integration with G-Wizard Calculator. Tool Table import/export.


What folks say about G-Wizard Editor

"It is by far the neatest editor that I have ever come across."

"Bob, love the basic concept of the GWiz E."

"Wonderful -- this is going to be really helpful!"

"Having GWE would have saved me several weeks in my CNC class"

"The best I’ve seen in my search for practical CNC programming aids"

"I would like to purchase your product soon because I really think it is outstanding."

" Neat program so far. Nicely done."


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Powerful G-Code Editor



Cut, Copy, Paste, and Select All

Unlimited Undo Levels

Find and Replace Toolbar: So it doesn't cover what you're looking for
Jump to Line #, Error #, Block #, or Toolchange #
Logical easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts for touch typists
checkTell at a glance which line you're on and whether there is an error there using the line numbers on the left.
checkStatus bar tells you the 8 character DOS-style filename used by many CNC controls.
checkAutomatically capitalize g-code while letting comments be upper and lower case.
checkBackplot and Hints track which line the cursor is on to tell you everything there is to know about that g-code.

Silky Smooth Backplot Viewer


G-Code Backplot
checkBackplotter shows what toolpath the g-code will take
checkPan, Rotate, or Zoom the backplot to view any part of it closely
checkCAD-Style Milling Views: Perspective, Top, Front, and Right
checkCAD-Style Turning Views: Top and Right
checkColor coded rapids and feedrate moves
checkSimulated toolholder makes the action come alive
checkBeginning and end of program are marked
checkClick the backplot to cursor to the line of g-code associated with it
checkControl background grid to show major and minor lines as well as axis and trident
checkDisplay the feed extents box to see the total envelope the g-code program will touch

G-Code Debugger Helps You Find the Errors Fast

G-Code Debugger


checkRewind, Playback, Feedhold, and Play to End

checkSingle Block lets you step one block at a time
checkSelect playback speed from "Tortoise" to "Hare"
checkJump ahead N-blocks, to the next rapids, dwell, toolchange, or macro command
checkDetailed display of coordinates, spindle rpm, feedrate, and coolant status during playback, just like on your CNC machine
checkClick on the g-code to run to that block

G-Code Wizards

G-Code Wizards


checkPopup g-code wizards guide you through entering the g-codes

checkWizards know the canned cycle parameters so you don't have to
checkFeeds and Speeds Wizard integrates with G-Wizard Calculator if you have it
checkTool Wizard integrates with Tool Crib and knows what tools are in the crib so you can pick by name instead of by number
checkMacro Variable Wizard keeps track of your #-variables
checkHelp entering work offsets
checkUnlimited custom snippets make it easy for you to build a macro library to save time over and over again

Hints: Because you need the 411

G-Code Hints


checkHints show what each line of c-code does in simple English
checkDecode complex canned cycles. Tell hole bottom and other key functions at a glance
checkCoordinates for all motion
checkExtra data such as circle centers and radius
checkCurrent line's hint is always visible
checkCompletion time from beginning for every line of g-code so you can figure out where the time goes.
checkDouble click a hint to go back to the g-code

Revisions: A new way to think about formatting g-code

G-Code Revisions


checkRevisions perform complex formatting operations on g-code with just a few clicks
checkRevision History lets you apply them repeatedly to make your common operations faster and easier
checkAdd/Delete Spaces
checkAdjust Addresses by performing math on them
checkConvert from Lathe Diameter to Lathe Radius style g-code
checkApply or remove Block Skip (/)
checkAdjust Arc Style: IJK vs R and Absolute vs Incremental
checkControl Capitalization
checkRemove or reformat comments
checkEliminate non-printing characters or expand tabs to spaces
checkDelete words based on their address
checkGive macro variables symbolic names and then strip them out before saving to make programming easier on controls that don't support symbolic names
checkAdd monitoring code for Manufacturing Data Collection (MDC)
checkExtensive block renumbering functions
checkReplace addresses and swap axes
checkShift, Scale, or Rotate coordinates

"Post" Style Setup Options Tailored to your controller

G-Code Post



checkCAM-Like "Post" customizability to suit the g-code dialect of various machines
checkDownloadable canned posts for Fanuc, Haas, Mach3, and many more
checkWork offsets G54-59 all the way through extended work offsets G54.1 P1 - P300. G52 Local Work Shift
checkG92 Coordinate System Setting
checkG51 Coordinate scaling and G68 Coordinate rotation
checkMetric versus Imperial units
checkControl which errors are shown or ignored
checkPrecise control over number formats for each word
checkMachine Profiles capture details of machine performance including travels, spindle, coolant, etc.
checkG-Code variable volatility can be configured as can the values of the variables
checkPrecise control over number formats for each word

Tool Crib and Tool Data Management Functions

G-Code Tool Table


checkCreate unlimited Tool Cribs. Track them by machine, by cart, cribs for your toolroom, or any other purpose
checkCopy and move tools between cribs
checkStore names, specifications, and serial numbers for every tool
checkTrack X and Z compensation values and registers
checkAutomatically extract tool information from g-code comments
checkGenerate G10 programs to load your CNC machine's tool tables
checkManage data from offline tool setters and presetters
checkImport and export tool data using spreadsheets

Many More Productivity Features and Functions


checkInfo Tab with statistics on extents, travels, and execution times
checkError Tab lets you track all the errors in one place. GWE does more error checking than any other program out there.
checkSubprogram page lays out exactly what's going on with the subprograms in your file
checkG-Code program infinite loop checking
checkChange font size for smaller screens


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G-Wizard Editor works on PC's and Macs. It requires an Internet connection once every 4 weeks. Detailed System Requirements available here, but for most people it just works.





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