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Is Manual Machining Faster Than CNC For Simple Parts?

Not With Conversational CNC!

With G-Wizard Editor's exclusive Conversational CNC, you can use simple point and shoot Wizards to generate quick g-code. No CAD drawings, no CAM, no complex g-code programming--perfect for quick projects.


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CAM isn't always the best answer

Sometimes you need a faster, simpler solution

Sometimes you need Conversational CNC

Look, CAM is indispensible, but for some simple jobs it's overkill

CAM needs a drawing to start from. With CAM, there's no working from the back of the envelope.

CAM needs a lot of detail to support all the fancy things it can do. But if you're not doing anything fancy, why provide all the detail?

CAM is expensive and not everyone has a seat. How can knowledgeable machinists be productive without CAM?

CAM has a steep learning curve. How do manual machinists leverage their considerable knowledge to be productive right away?

CADCAM is powerful but slow. You can't do complex jobs without it. But why be slow on simple jobs?

Conversational CNC can help with all these problems

Conversational CNC is a Built-in Module of

G-Wizard Editor that's Free!


Here's How it Works:

Start Simple: Pick an Operation

Choose the Conversational Wizard for your task:

There are simple Wizards for most common tasks by machine. Mills and Routers get the Wizards shown above. Lathes get their own Wizards:

Fill in the Blanks

A popup appears giving you a simple set of inputs to fill in:

Easy to Access Power

It's easy to fill in the blanks, but they give you easy access to power. Each Wizard has been designed with an eye towards what real world machining situations need. Here are just a few of the power features available:

- Facing Wizard will radius into the cut, which reduces the wear on your tooling and improves surface finish.

- Variety of patterns for holes are available including grids, vectors, circles, arcs, and even the ability to load a list of hole coordinates from another source.

- Our custom Deep Hole Cycles can save time and go deeper than canned machine drilling cycles.

- Lots of little ease-of-use touches like the ability to "Break all edges" with a single click while turning multiple OD diameters.

Add Conversational CNC to Your Toolbox

Everyone should have a little Conversational CNC power in their Toolbox. It doesn't replace CAM, but it sure is handy for a lot of jobs.

The best thing is it comes with a radically easier way to deal with all GCode because it is a free built-in module of our power G-Wizard Editor and GCode Simulator. No need to buy an expensive stand-alone Conversational package or machine option. The way you get our Conversational CNC is just to get a copy of G-Wizard Editor, and that's easy.


Give Conversational CNC a Try--It'll Save You Time

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Get started in seconds

Getting to work on your gcode is lightning quick thanks to our pre-defined machine
and controller posts.

Whether you're creating gcode from scratch, modifying existing gcode, or just getting a second opinion on some CAM-generated gcode,
GW Editor will help.


Reading GCode is Easy

Every line of your gcode is written out in plain English hints so you can see exactly what it does.

Plus, there's lots of extra information like Arc center and radius, Angle of arc, Absolute end coordinates of every move, and much more.


Conversational CNC: a gigantic timesaver

Remember how easy it was to do simple things before CNC? No need for CAD or CAM, just walk up to the machine and make a part.

Conversational CNC generates gcode quickly and easily without having to fire up CAD or CAM. Make simple parts fast!


Powerful Simulator Debugger

Macros, subprograms, and parameterized programming give you loads of gcode programming power.

G-Wizard Editor gives you the tools to simplify, understand, and harness that power.


Extensive Error Checking

Your machine doesn't just expect you to look at the backplot and figure it out--it has alarms.

Most Editors just give you the backplot, but G-Wizard has an array of powerful error checks, messages, and a dedicated tab that shows you all the errors and warnings for your gcode.



Tool Table Savvy

Drill down to see exactly which tools are used
in the gcode.

Manage tools with the same powerful Tool Crib capability found in our G-Wizard Calculator.

Here's why people use G-Wizard Editor:

It's not just for writing g-code from scratch

In fact, most customers use it to verify and improve their CAM-generated NC programs

Go ahead, take the Tour and see what it can do for you:


You're in good company with GW Editor


Made GCode Easier to


Errors in CAM Code


Used G-Wizard to
Increase Quality


Saved CADCAM Time

40,892 times 31,507 times 42,903 times 30,837 times


CAM Code


Used Conversational Wizards instead


Hand Coded
Part Program


Cycle Time

18,770 times 18,099 times 12,737 times 20,781 times

"The program’s (GW Editor) working great. It took an hour off my set up time the first day I used it."

"I use it for verifying my CAM output. It's saved me more than once from scrap or crashes. I've also learned a lot more about gcode."

"It's a great tool for the toolbox at a reasonable price."

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