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GW Conversational provides a separate Wizard designed to simplify each machining operation.

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Full Integration with G-Wizard Editor
GW Conversational is a built-in part of GW Editor, so you can use Editor to simulate your conversational programs to see how they perform. Plug conversational operations into any g-code program, even CAM-generated code.


Eliminate the Shop Floor Programming Bottleneck
With GW Conversational, it's easy to throw together simple programs or add features to your existing g-code. Why wait to send it off to the CAD/CAM office?


Perfect for Beginners and Professionals
CNC Conversational Programming is the perfect tool to help beginners learn and start doing productive work immediately.


Just Fill in the Blanks and get Ready-to-run G-Code!

G-Code programming has never been this easy:

Manual machinists often say they can throw together simple parts faster than CNC'ers. They know how long it takes to go through the CAD/CAM process and get back g-code. With G-Wizard CNC Conversational Programming, that's a thing of the past. G-Wizard Conversational CNC is a collection of simple point-and-shoot wizards to instantly generate g-code for all kinds of common machining operations:

Conversational CNC Wizards

Here's how simple it is to create holes:

Deep Hole CNC Wizard

You can choose whether to put the holes at the current position, in a list of positions, in a bolt circle, along an arc, in a grid, or along a line. Then choose the type of cycle for the holes. The screen shot shows the canned drilling cycles included with your machine.

Drilling deep holes? Try our Custom Deep Hole Cycle Wizard:

deep hole canned cycle

With the Custom Deep Hole Cycle Wizard, you're in control of all the essential elements needed to be successful with deep holes:

- Variable peck distance with pecks becoming shorter the deeper the hole.

- Retract to break chips and then full retracts for deeper holes.

- Ability to keep drill from retracting out of the hole so chips aren't washed back down the hole.

- Ability to reduce the feed and speed with each peck.

These are features not found in your machine's built-in canned cycles that can make all the difference when drilling deep holes.

G-Wizard is also expert at interpolated holes:

interpolated hole conversational cnc

Whether you're using interpolation just to get the cutter down to proper depth for a pocket, or as an alternative to slower boring operations (and operations with large twist drills that require expensive tooling and gobs of spindle power), G-Wizard CNC Conversational Programming has you covered with our interpolated hole wizard. Options are there to let you set different speeds and feeds for the helical descent, spiral out, and finishing pass. In addition, you can specify the finish pass run both clockwise and counter-clockwise, which helps even out any errors due to backlash or other mechanical issues for more accurate holes.

Where Can I Get G-Wizard Conversational CNC?

Just grab the latest version of G-Wizard Editor and it's already there under the "Wizards" button. What could be easier?




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