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Want the Latest Feeds and Speeds Technology?

Times Have Changed. HSM, new coatings, new geometries, new techniques.

Thousands of machinists from over 500 companies have used G-Wizard to save time.

Get Some New Technology for Your Shop.

old school lathe

Powerful for Experts, Simple for Beginners

Get Better Feeds and Speeds With Less Effort
Chip Thinning, Ballnose Compensation, HSM, Drilling, Turning, Milling, Tool Engagement Angle, Materials DB, Micro-Milling, and More. Maximize Material Removal Rates (MRR).





Subscriptions Include G-Wizard Lite Free

Perfect for smaller machines and home shops.

All the features of G-Wizard, but limited to maximum of 1 HP / 735W cuts.

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Our Guarantee

After purchase, if you're not completely satisfied, tell us within 30 days for a full refund.

Improve Surface Finish, Accuracy, and Tool Life with Cut Optimizer
Cut Optimizer chooses stepover and level depths for pocketing and profiling that minimize deflection to improve surface finish, increase tool life, and produce more accurate cuts.    


Capture Best Practices With the Feeds & Speeds Knowledge Base
Knowledge-Based Machining via Cut KB gives you a custom feeds and speeds database, online access to Manufacturer's recommended surface speed and chipload, data import/export, and integration API's for other software.


Save Time Figuring Shop Geometry Problems
Trig, chamfers, countersinking, dovetails, tapers, bolt circles, and circle chords


Find Important Quick Reference Information Quickly
Fasteners, Threads, G-Codes, Weights and Volumes, and Thermal Expansion at your fingertips

What the Machinists Using G-Wizard Say

Your product already paid for itself the first time I used it.

G-Wizard does a better job than lots of packages including OneCNC and Mastercam.

I installed the Gwizard, Its a cool tool!

Great job! This is the all in one kind of solution that I was looking for. 

That is one slick looking program.

Thanks & keep up the good work.

It looks great. I like the layout and it's pretty easy to navigate. Again, great job.

Thanks for the nice tool! This is handy to say the least.

Looks like this is exactly the program I've been looking for!

I used a similar program but yours has more options, and overall a better look!

Nice application, great work!

Wow this thing is TOO COOL! It's a really really slick program

You've literally taken all the annoying little calculations and figured them out from every single angle, just brilliant. 

Every time I run your app, I find something new.

Awesome tool Bob.

Wow! This is really quite a piece of work you’ve accomplished. Kudos!

I’m truly impressed with your software. Keep up the great work!

Bob, thanks for the software i really like it!!

Very nice package, sure make speeds and feeds much easier. 

I love what you have done, it has been a good resource for me.

G-Wizard is indispensable, I'll be following its progress.

G-Wizard is great! 

I just surfed thru some of the pages and all I can say is FANTASTIC. Thanks again for all the hard work.

It is the single most useful thing I have added to my shop since the mill! I go to G-wizard first for all the feeds, speeds, tapping info and I also used the geometry page!

It will be a valuable asset for many shops.

The program is very nice, and will be a real boon, to both beginners and experienced folk. 



Improve Your Feeds and Speeds Today!

Join the G-Wizard 30-day trial, no credit card required.

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Feeds and Speeds



Compensation for radial chip thinning, lead angle, depth of cut, v-bits, and ballnosed cutters.

check"Gas Pedal" slider specifies how conservative or aggressive to make the cut. Emphasize surface finish and tool life or material removal rate.
checkChatter calculator identifies optimal spindle rpm ranges to minimize chatter.
checkHSM Feeds and Speeds + Tool Engagement Angle Calculator
checkDeep hole drilling recommendations including support for parabolic drills, when to peck, and when to drill a pilot hole.
checkReamer hole size recommendations. RA and RMS surface finish (scallop height) calculator for turning and ballnose endmills.
checkConventional vs Climb milling recommendations. Endmill plunge rate and plunge milling feeds and speeds.
checkMicro-cutter Feed and Speed compensation for cutters less than 1/16" in diameter.
checkCompensation for small machines (Rigidity compensation).
checkIntegrated with the Tool Crib and Machine Profiles. Customize for your tools and machine HP, spindle rpm, and feedrates.
checkIntegrated with G-Wizard G-Code Editor. Calculate feeds and speeds and directly output g-codes.
checkTooling: End mills, turning tools, indexable, face mill, reamers, spot drills, twist drills, gun drills, spade drills, spot drills, slitting saws, woodruff cutters, v-bit engravers, and taps
checkMaterial Database: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless, Titanium, Plastics, & Wood, Alloys and Material Conditions

Cut Optimizer

checkOptimize Speeds and Feeds Using G-Wizard's Cut Optimizer
checkOptimize your depth and width of cut
checkOptimize stepover and level depth when pocketing and profiling
checkAnalyze Tool Deflection
checkOptimize tool stickout from the holder
checkMinimize deflection to increase accuracy and improve surface finish
checkSettings for roughing and finishing



checkCut Knowledge Base (Cut KB) documents and improves your shop's Best Practices

checkCapture a running feeds and speeds database of your different cuts
checkCategorize by cut type: Peripheral, pocket, 3D contour, helical, and more
checkRate cuts by overall stars, finish, cutter wear, and chatter
checkCreate tool tables with the Tool Crib
checkImport or download manufacturer's recommended surface speeds and chiploads from our Cloud Knowledge Base
checkImport and Export Cut KB and Tool Tables via Excel and other Spreadsheets
checkComing soon: CAM software integration!

Helical Interpolation
and Ramping


checkFigure how much to slow down due to geometry, plunge, and accuracy.
checkDetermine your machine's acceleration capabilities based on interpolation accuracy.
checkAdjust circular and helical interpolations to increase interpolated hole accuracy.
checkSave time and tool changes by making accurate interpolated holes instead of drilling.

Geometry Calculators

checkRight and Oblique Triangles
checkBolt circles
checkTapers: Custom or Standard Taper sizes (e.g. MT, JT, Brown & Sharpe, etc.)
checkChamfers w/ Center Drill, Spot Drill, Twist Drill, or Countersink
checkTrue Position for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
checkEven a Turner's Cube Calculator!

Thread Reference


checkUnified, ISO Metric, and NPT Pipe Threads

checkDimensions Shown on Drawings
checkInternal and External Threads
checkTapping with Cutting and Form Taps
checkTapping Drill Sizes with % of Thread

Quick Reference Tables

checkDrill Index
checkSocket Head and Flat Head Cap Screws
checkWeights, Volumes, and Costs based on Material and Shape
checkStandard Fabrication Sizes (e.g. I-Beam in W8x28)
checkG and M-Code Reference for CNC'ers
checkHardness Conversion Charts
checkRigidity Calculator to Compare Rigidity of Different Tooling
checkElectrical Calculator: Ohm's Law, Resistor Color Codes, etc.
checkThermal Expansion Calculator



checkSetup Customizes G-Wizard for Your Machines and Tooling:

checkCreate Machine Profiles
checkImperial and Metric Units Throughout G-Wizard
checkCreate custom Tool Cribs for machines, tool changers, tool carts, and other tooling inventory.
checkCreate or Import Manufacturer's and Custom Data

Scientific Calculator

checkFull Featured Scientific Calculator
checkTrig functions
checkUnit conversions
checkAngles in degrees, radians, or degrees/minutes/seconds
checkRound to Thousandths or Tenths
checkTaper per inch and Taper per foot


Improve Your Feeds and Speeds Today!

Join the G-Wizard 30-day trial, no credit card required.

Start My Free Trial


G-Wizard Calculator works on PCs and Macs. It requires an Internet connection once every 4 weeks. Detailed System Requirements available here, but for most people it just works.





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