G-Wizard Lite: For the Hobby CNC Machinist


What is G-Wizard Lite?


G-Wizard Lite is a version of G-Wizard created expressly for hobbyists and home shop users.


How Much Does it Cost?


That depends on how you want to look at it. G-Wizard Lite is free with any 1 year or more subscription to G-Wizard. Or, G-WIzard Lite is the cost of a 1 year subscription, and you get a free 1 year subscription with it.


How is it Different than G-Wizard?


There is just one difference: G-Wizard Lite restricts feeds and speeds to cuts that require no more than 1 HP (735W) per year you've subscribed. That's it. Every feature of G-Wizard is in G-Wizard Lite, just with the horsepower limitation, and you get another HP added to the limit for each year. This is just our way of saying, "Thanks for staying with us!"



How do I Get G-Wizard Lite?

It's simple: Every G-Wizard subscriber gets G-Wizard Lite. G-Wizard Lite is what you'll have when your G-Wizard subscription runs out. So, for example, buy the $69 one year subscription, enjoy full G-Wizard for a year, and then just don't renew. At the end of the year, G-Wizard will be G-Wizard Lite.

G-Wizard Lite is a perpetual license, do I still get all the updates and support?

Absolutely. We don't believe in charging maintenance fees or holding users back on old versions of the software. With G-Wizard Lite, you can still download any update and you're eligible for Technical Support via our User's Club online community.

Why Did You Create G-Wizard Lite?

Simple. There are a lot of folks out there with smaller machines that couldn't justify the expense of full G-Wizard. They're not trying to set the world on fire (they'd prefer to avoid setting their machines on fire!) with Material Removal Rates. But they'd love to have better surface finishes and longer tool life. Most of all, they want to learn the art of machining. We're all for that!

How Can I Get More HP with G-Wizard Lite?

You get 1 more HP with every year you subscribe to G-Wizard. The three-year subscription gives you 3 HP, for example. 3 HP should be plenty for most hobbyists.

How Can I Tell What My HP Limit is on G-Wizard Lite?

Go to the Setup About box and it'll be on there along with the number of days paid subscription you have left before you should renew.


G-Wizard: We depend on fanatically loyal users. Please join us!


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