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Feeds and Speeds Cookbook

In-Depth Articles on CNC Techniques

Feeds and Speeds Cookbook

CNC Feeds and Speeds Cookbook: Get the best Material Removal Rates, Tool Life, and Surface Finish.


More Feeds and Speeds Articles:

Chip Thinning and Other Ways to Speed Your Cuts: Learn about cases where you should be upping your speeds and feeds and how to exploit them.

Quick Video Course in Feeds and Speeds: 2 videos--theory + practice.

Dry Machining: The Fascinating World of Dry and Near-Dry Machining (aka What to do when your machine doesn't have flood cooling)

G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator: A Serious Machinist's Time Saver.

Quick Video Course in Feeds and Speeds: 2 videos--theory + practice.

CNC vs Manual Cutting Speeds: Why is CNC so much harder to figure out?



5-Axis Mill

CNCCookbook's G-Code Course: Use an Interactive Learning Tool and online courseware to learn g-code or polish your skills.


G-Code, CADCAM, and CNC Software Articles:

CNC Software: Digital Tooling for CNC: What are the different kinds of software associated with CNC and how do they work together?

CAM Toolpath Strategies: Where plunge roughing, trochoidal machining, and other odd beasts are explained.

3D CAM Toolpaths: Learn the ins and outs of which 3D toolpaths to use in which situations.

Rhino Tips: Some of my tips and techniques for being productive with Rhino 3D.

G-Wizard G-Code Editor: Editor, backplotter, and g-code simulator. Free during Beta test!

Tool Length Offsets: Something every CNC machinist should know a lot about.

Tool Data Management: How do you keep up with all your tooling and the compensation information? What about tool presetting?



CNC Manufacturing

CNC Machining and Manufacturing Cookbook


CNC Manufacturing Workflow: Optimize each part of the cycle to improve productivity.

Deburring and Polishing: Techniques other than Vibratory.

Fly Cutters: More than you ever wanted to know about these ubiquitous cutting tools.

Lathe Eccentric Turning: All the many ways to turn parts with round features not concentric.

Lathe Workholding: There are many ways to hold the workpiece while turning.

Vibratory Deburring and Polishing: Avoid the elbow grease with a vibratory polisher.

Materials, Finishes, and Treatments: Properties of different metals and how to finish them for best appearance.


CNC Servo Drive

DIY CNC Cookbook

Are you a hobbyist? Considering building your own CNC? Do you have a CNC you bought and need help with?

Check out our DIY CNC Cookbook for in-depth articles for the DIY CNC'er.




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