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CNC Cookbook Surveys

Wondering how everyone else gets things done?

We do a fair number of surveys to CNC machinists and get quite a bit of participation (hundreds of responses) to many of them. Here they all are so you can see what your peers in the industry are doing:

Hobby CNC Survey (2016)

Cloud CAD Survey (Results)

Feeds & Speeds Survey (Results)

Which End Mill Brands do you use? (Results)

Which CAD Package do you use? (2016 Results, 2015 Results, 2013 Results)

Which CAM Package do you use? ( 2016 Results, 2015 Results,

2014 Results, 2012 Results, 2010 Results)

Which CNC Control Do You Use? (Results for this survey 2016, 2012)

What's Hard About Learning CNC? (Results)

What Kinds of Machines Do You Use?

How Do Shops Invest to Be More Competitive?

Setup Sheet Survey

How Do Shops do Cost Estimation and Quotation?

Multi-Axis Machining

What's Your Experience with Additive Machining?

What Size Manual Lathe Do You Use Most?

What's Your G-Code Skill Level?

Alternate Input Device (3D Mouse) Survey

Workholding Survey (Results here)




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CNC Machine Hourly Rate Calculator

Special Purpose CNC Calculators

Feeds and Speeds Guide

CNC Cutter Guide

Feeds and Speeds By Material

G-Code Tutorial

  Feed Rate Calculator

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