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G-Wizard Calculator

Fast, Easy, Reliable Feeds and Speeds

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G-Wizard G-Code Editor and Simulator

G-Wizard G-Code Editor and Simulator

Get a Second Opinion on Your G-Code

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Super Easy 3D CAM Software


World's Easiest 3D CAM

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Gearotic Gear Design Software


Gear Design Software by Art Fenerty, Father of Mach3

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Machine Shop Cost Estimator

CADCAM Estimator

Machine Shop Estimating Software

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G-Wizard Conversational CNC

G-Wizard Conversational CNC

Easy Point-and-Shoot G-Code Wizards,
So You Can Skip CAD/CAM

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We built CNCCookbook to be the sort of company we'd like

to do business with by following 6 simple rules:



We won't charge for our CNC Software until its the best of its kind.

We believe in giving our software away until it’s ready to be sold. Why pay for software that isn't great?


This is the Internet Age. We’ll take advantage of it every way we can.

Our software is online and connected by design. It upgrades itself when new features are available so you always have the latest and greatest. It helps our customers to share information with each other that makes them more productive. It helps us to constantly stay connected to our customers. This puts the customer in the driver’s seat, right where they ought to be.

2.   We will charge a premium for our software.  But, you won’t pay that premium unless you decide it's better, and even then, not for years.

We don’t believe in forcing you to pay a fortune in up-front fees.  Our CNC software is sold by subscription, so you give us payment as you get value, and not before.  After a period of years, you will wind up paying us more than you would have if you could’ve paid a fixed upfront fee.  Until then, you've paid less, so we have to keep you happy with Great Software and Great Service until we can make our fair share.


We’re not spammers.

We don't believe in aggressive marketing. We'd rather give away useful information than beat the marketing drums. We'd rather have our customers market through word of mouth.



Everything we make goes back into delivering more software.

We don’t have a big marketing or sales department.  We don’t spend a lot of money on advertising. We’re focused on building great software. We depend on our customers to tell others about our CNC software so we can get new customers.


We’ll never be a giant company.  We are focused on the needs of the little guy. 

Only great customers can help us create really great CNC software.  Our customers are our only investors, and we pay back that investment in every way we can.