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Feeds and Speeds Calculator

Get Better Tool Life, Surface Finish,
and MRR with G-Wizard




G-Wizard G-Code Editor and Simulator

G-Code Editor

G-Code is Complicated.
G-Wizard Editor
Makes it






World's Easiest 3D CAM

Super Easy 3D CAM Software




Gearotic Gear Design Software


Gear Design Software by Art Fenerty, Father of Mach3
Specialized CADCAM for Design and Making Gears





G-Wizard Estimator

Machine Shop Estimating Software.
Feature-Based using GW Calculator's Feeds and Speeds Engine.

Machine Shop Cost Estimator




G-Wizard Conversational CNC

Conversational CNC

Easy Point-and-Shoot G-Code Wizards,
So You Can Skip CAD/CAM





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