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The Enclosure Zoo

An idea notebook for people on machine tool enclosures. Some are built, some are commercial. Also check out the page for the enclosure I built for my own mill.

Spectacular Tormach Flood Enclosure

This was up on CNCZone, just gorgeous:

Nice addition to that Tormach mill...

A parts list for the 80/20 enclosure may be found online...

Nice Enclosure for a Small Mill

That's not a chip conveyor, which is what I thought at first. But it is a gently sloping trough that lets the chips drop out as the coolant makes its way back to the reservoir....

Coolant reservoir and compressor underneath. I like the use of the Craftsman workbench as a stand...

Wooden Enclosure for an Industrial Hobbies Mill

Very professional! I'd be racking toolholders up and down the sides too...

The mess all lives inside the enclosure now...

Hocky pucks are fiberglassed into the enclosure for the machine to sit on. They isolate vibrations.

Desktop Enclosure for a KX1

Very clean small mill enclosure...

Convert a KX3 to a Pro VMC on CNCZone

Beautiful enclosure comes out looking just like a little VMC!

Frame with door track...

Electronics enclosures have protection from the fray...

Seems you can never have too much light!

Good shot of the enclosure pretty well finished. I think he should've put a snazzy "KX3" logo top left in red!

Table Enclosures: When You Don't Want to Deal With a Full Enclosure

Table Guard

Nice one from Keen on CNCZone...

Keen's enclosure for his Tormach table from below...



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